The Traveling Vineyard Gives Their Clients Remarkable Experience By Allowing House Tasting Parties Before Purchasing

The Traveling Vineyard works on the notion that customers are delighted to purchase a commodity that they have tried and tested. The firm uses wine consultants to display their wine in private tasting parties.

After wine tastings, the wine professional then takes the clients through the catalog with the aim of advising them on the best wine appropriate for their need. The wine consultants are first trained on the types of products that the firm offers, which include white wines, red wines, and sweet & fizzy wines.

The wine experts are then given a success kit for a small fee, and they set out to start the sales and marketing journey. Besides wines, The Traveling Vineyard also offers beers, wine accessories, and spirits.

Social Media Usage

The Traveling Vineyard understands the impact of social media in marketing and advertising for any business. Their Facebook page and Twitter are filled with displays of their products. The firm also puts up educative posts with important topics that enlighten their followers on their products. In a bid to encourage more wine consultants to join the network, as well as the existing ones to work harder, Traveling Vineyard displays pictures of winners of various awards during the awards ceremony.

What One Stands To Gain

With the direct sales approach and the consumable nature of wines, the products sell out very fast, allowing wine consultants meet sales targets without major hustles. This, in turn, earns them rewards, and they move up the ladder in a short time. This arrangement translates to mean that wine consultants have the ability to determine their positions and earnings in the company. Since it is not a fixed schedule kind of work, it allows the wine consultants some flexibility in their time. The firm rewards hard work with various gifts, including free vacations.

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Be a Unicorn With Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime Makeup line. Born and raised in Russia, she is truly an individual who expresses herself through her use of bold color. This reflects her strong personality and values, and allows her to be herself. Doe Deere hopes that her makeup line as well as her story will inspire others to do the same. If they have a dream, she wants them to go after it. Originally aspiring to be a musician, Deere believes in uniqueness and individuality. She lived in New York for several years, and attended New York University’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Doe Deere believes that no one should ever give up on their dreams. She feels that you should utilize what you love, and her philosophy regarding her love for bold makeup colors was that if she could find it, she would make it. That’s exactly what she did in 2008. The products became popular, and thus began the creation of the Lime Crime.

Available online, the Lime Crime offers vegan and cruelty free products for lips, eyes, face, hair and nails. Because of Doe Deere’s ever changing looks through the use of different colors, the website uses the phrase “Make Me a Unicorn”.

It doesn’t matter if you want pink or purple hair, blue nails or green lips, the Lime Crime will have the products you are looking for to express your individuality. The mission of the Lime Crime is to revolutionize makeup. They realize that the same look or color palette won’t work for everyone, and everyone should be free to create the look that they want.

Doe Deere believe in being hardworking and ambitious and never giving up on what you want. She believes that through this determination, you can achieve anything, which is how her company was created. Doe always felt that she was different, and it was when she finally felt that she found her place in the universe that she became successful in the makeup industry. Utilizing her passion for color and her strong mindset, she achieved what she wanted and became a success at doing it.

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