Brian Torchin Is Responsible for Fusing His Morals with His Expertise

Viewing things in a broader sense is something hinders the effectiveness of an industry drastically. In matters pertaining to the health care industry, people tend to focus on the turnover and money rather than the expertise of the professionals.

This results in shoddy facilities equipped with questionable professionals suffering from a lack of appreciation and the inability to use their skills in this particular location. This fairly unsettling realization is the entire reason for quality medical staffing companies and the people who manage them, like Brian Torchin of HCRC Staffing.

Whereas most founders of staffing agencies simply care about placing people as quickly as possible in facilities, Brian Torchin is far too determined, caring, and stubborn to focus on quantity.

His fervent beliefs that medical professionals deserve to practice in their intended scope rather than what is required of them from a particular facility allows him to shape the healthcare industry for the better.

Job counseling is an area that Torchin considers himself a fan of. A sense of compassion allows him to understand the stress associated with finding a job as a medical professional, so he melds this tenderness with his understanding of the medical industry.

By knowing that medical experts will rarely remain in a facility throughout their entire career, he is able to operate his agency accordingly. Job counseling does not end when a professional finds a job, but carries throughout an entire career, including placing a doctor, nurse, or technician in a facility perfect for them and their skills.

Job placement is something Torchin heavily focuses on and often uses the example of a chiropractor being forced to work in general practice.

Surely a medical professional must undergo education and training to earn their degree and rights to practice, so the founder of HCRC Staffing believes in verifying their skills to not only ensure his agency is dealing with a real medical expert but to better place them at a facility.

According to Behance, Brian Torchin believes in putting forth a relentless effort to find these deserving individuals a job and uses this as his mission for all that he does.  Find Brian on Twitter for more information.

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