Embracing Leadership Changes With Luiz Carlos Trabuco Of Banco Bradesco

Leadership is hardly ever static. As a leader, dynamic aspects must be involved at some point in the journey. Alongside the need to evolve and venture into flexible approaches, an organization must at some point, experience changes in its leadership structures. In such instances, employees react differently. Even so, the success of changes in leadership highly relies on their willingness to adapt to new leadership.

Like in the case of Banco Bradesco where there have been tremendous changes in the executive leadership, employees are urged to trust their team leaders for the smooth transition in leadership. Here is a narrative of how Banco’s employees have been coping with the entire transition;

Background Information
On the wake of October 11th, 2017, employees of Banco Bradesco woke up to the news of their president resigning. Brandao de Mello, the longest-serving president in the industry stepped down voluntarily. In his resignation, the reasons were clearly appended to the need to allow other staff members to take over. That is when he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco to assume the leadership roles of chairmanship until when the bank was ready to elect another president. Regarding this new impending appointment, Brando advised his team to rely on the input of already absorbed employees. His reasons for internal staffing were very obvious; first of all, an already existing president would carry on the duties of Brandao as usual. Secondly, he would emulate his superiors by respecting the existing pool of talent.

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The Election of a New President
Luiz Carlos served for a while before deciding to chair the board meeting and hand over the presidency to a new leader. Like any other recruitment process that involves executive leaders, this called for more than one meeting to discuss the future of the firm and the right candidate that would lead Banco into better partnerships and business deals according to g1.globo.com. After a series of meetings, the panel decided to elect Octavio de Lazari Juinor. It is critical to note that his election was appended to his impressive leadership skills, experience and proven dedication to work hard. After the election, Octavio Junior vowed to deliver as expected.

In Correspondence to the Changes
On the other side, Luiz Carlos Trabuco confidently handed over power to Octavio Junior. Although it was clear that he was no longer part of the presidency, he vowed to carry on with his duties while working with Octavio Junior to maintain the banking standard of Banco Bradesco. Additionally, he dedicated time to guiding him through major responsibilities.

New Roles
As the roles take a new shift at Banco Bradesco, a lot of growth is expected. CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco is convinced that he shall deliver to the best of his ability. Other than that, it goes without saying that employees at Banco Bradesco have embraced the new leadership by supporting the new pension reform policies chaired by Luiz Carlos

Why Luiz Carlos is maintaining his Post
There is a time when Luiz Carlos Trabuco was meant to step down according to the regulations of the bank. However, he did not as the policies for resignation at his age were amended in his favor. Without a doubt, Banco Bradesco relies on leadership skills to thrive in success.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Continues To Act As CEO Until Lazari’s Appointment This March

During the first week of February 2018, Banco Bradesco SA announced the upcoming appointment of their company’s new chief executive officer, Octavio de Lazari Jr. Lazari is slated to be formally appointed on the 18th of March, replacing Banco Bradesco’s previous CEO and current interim CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Prior to the announcement that he would be the company’s next CEO, Lazari served as vice president according to g1.globo.com. In addition to his new position as CEO, he will be maintaining the title of president at the Bradesco Seguros group, a subsidiary of Bradesco. Lazari has had a long history with Bradesco, first joining the company nearly four decades ago at the age of 15. His experience with the company has made him an ideal fit for the position of CEO, and it’s likely that they will continue to see success during his term.

Bradesco’s Board Reshuffles
Lazari’s appointment as chief executive officer coincides with the first meeting of the company’s new board of directors. The new board will have its members finalized during an upcoming meeting between Banco Bradesco’s shareholders. Until the new board is finalized and Lazari’s appointment is referred to in their first meeting, Trabuco Bradesco will continue to act as Banco Bradesco’s interim CEO. Trabuco is currently the company’s chairman, however, he is maintaining his prior duties as CEO in order to maintain the company’s order of succession and provide stability to its operations until Lazari is appointed formally.

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There have already been a number of announcements regarding the board’s new composition according to valor.com.br. Foremost among them is the appointment of a number of new vice presidents to the board of directors. The individuals being appointed are Josué Augusto Pancini, Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, Maurício Machado de Minas, and Alexandre da Silva Glüher. All four of the new vice presidents have long and storied histories with Bradesco and have served the bank well during their illustrious careers. In addition to the appointment of new members to Banco Bradesco’s board of directors, one of its members, Aurelio Conrado Boni, has elected to announce his impending resignation.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco
After Banco Bradesco’s previous chairman retired, the position was immediately given to then-CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was originally appointed as the chief executive officer in 2009, following his service as the bank’s executive vice president. Until Lazari is formally appointed this March, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will maintain his duties as CEO, acting as an interim to ensure a smooth transition.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had a long and storied history with Banco Bradesco, having served them for nearly five decades. During his prestigious career with the company, he’s worked tirelessly to push them forward and bring them ever further in their journey to success. Leading the charge for many of Bradesco’s most lucrative operations, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been one of the most valuable employees Bradesco has, and, if one looks back at his history there, it’s no wonder that he was chosen to become their next chairman.

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