Entertainment Technology-Magnesis

At A young age of 23 years, Billy McFarland had already known what he wanted in life. According to Buzzfeed, Billy McFarland wanted to build a sound system, and he achieved his desires by establishing Magnesis. Magnesis is described as an exclusive club that has special dealings as well as events that can only be accessed by the club’s black card.

To make the use of the black card easy, quickly as well as smooth, the card is linked to your bank or your credit cards for payment purposes. The black card is a heavy metal, and by just flashing it one can get discounts from specified restaurants, bars as well as clubs.

Reservations and bookings for special events and concerts and not forgetting special getaways are also made using the card. As mentioned by the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Magnesis McFarland, the aim of the card is to build a complete policy that connects periods with new enterprises offline as well as online. He also told the business Insiders that the company tied the black card with the bank cards, credit and the debit cards because everyone carries the card.

Magnesis Company has signed contracts with few restaurants and clubs including Restaurant La Esquina and Catch, clubs Finale and Goldbar, as well as Spin Studio Cyc. Magnesis card holders do not only get discounts in clubs and restaurants they also enjoy private helicopter rides to attend shows for famous artists including Rick Ross and Ja Rule.

The company has experienced tremendous growth since it was established. It now serves more than 6000 members who [pay an estimate of $25 each year to carry the black card. The company target market is the young working professionals who are the age of 21 to35 years old.

Billy McFarland has been ambitious since he was young. He was born in New York was raised in Shorthills New Jersey. He began showing interest in the business at the age of 13 where he founded his first company which was an online outsourcing business that was connecting customers with designers.

Billy McFarland studied computer engineering at Bucknell University in Lewisburg Pennsylvania. Towards the end of his fresh year, Billy McFarland dropped out of college and established online ad Platform Spling where he is the Chief Executive Officer. In 2013 he created Magnesis, a company that was officially launched in March 2014.