The Political Power of George Soros

Many people may not know the name George Soros, but if you follow politics, then you know that he is a man that likes to put his money behind winning candidates and causes that are close to him. Born in August of 1930 in Budapest, Soros Got his first real taste of success in 1954 when he joined the investment firm of Singer & Friedlander as a clerk. He would then move on to F.M. Mayer in 1956 at the suggestion of a co-worker. He would keep moving his way up in the business world until 1970 when he created the Soros Fund Management. He would be put into the position as it’s chairman.

George Soros is a man that has made a large number of contributions to campaigns this political season. He has helped a large number of these candidates to win in their races, one of the candidates that Soros put his money into was that of Hillary Clinton. The amount of money that he donated to the 2016 Clinton campaign was a total of 7 million dollars. This money was donated to a Super Pac that was supporting Clinton’s campaign. This was a hard fought campaign for the President of the United States. The end result was that of Donald Trump winning, there also have been a number of smaller campaigns that George Soros has donated money to in an attempt to get them elected or reelected.

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In response to the results of the election, there was the news that Soros had donated 10 million dollars in order to fight hate crimes. This is a further testament to the type of man he was and how he is generous in his donations to causes that he feels are important to him. Speaking of generous donations, Soros has went out of his way to make sure to set aside 500 million for migrants.

The money that has been set aside is to be used for helping migrants when they come to the United States. This money is to be used for start up businesses, established companies as well as a large number of social initiatives that are all aimed to help migrants when they are looking to get ahead in their new life. Being an immigrant himself, he understands the struggle that these people go through when they come to the Unites States to start a new life and make a better life for them and their family. This money can also be used in helping immigrants in Europe as well as all over the world.

There is no doubt that George Soros is a man that likes to take his wealth and put it behind causes that he feels will benefit humanity as well as liberal candidates that he wants to support in their political aspirations. In the 2020 election it will be interesting to see who he will put his money behind in their political campaigns. This is the example of a man that loves to take his wealth and help others to reach their goals.