Securus Technologies – The Top Reasons Behind Its Growth

According to the CEO of Securus Technologies Inc, Richard A. Smith, their company offers the largest portfolio of inmate communication solutions in the industry. The company has recently announced that they have secured five more patents for their software. Between 2013 and 2016, the company has received approval for 36 patents out of the 90 patents that they had filed for. The remaining ones are still being processed and are expected to receive their patents soon. This addition has increased the number of patents by the company to 248. It is one of the largest numbers of patents that any company in the communications holds. Some of the products are in the areas of inmate calling services, video visitation services, audio calling services, fraud detection and much more.


Securus Technologies is the top provider of technology solutions to law enforcement agencies, public safety and also correctional agencies. Working in the sheriff’s department, I have first-hand experience of its software. We received training for the system after it was installed in our premises. Using it, we have been able to catch criminals and also provided proofs immediately to the legal department so that they do not find loopholes and get away with the crime. Their software has made our work faster and efficient in many ways that were unimaginable till a few years back. The legal proceedings too have become easier as we can provide the court with the proofs that they need to prosecute the criminals for their crimes.


The customer service team at the Securus technologies have been the recipient of many awards for their exceptional service. In addition, they also receive emails and letters from their clients about their products and customer service. These motivate the company employees to work harder and to ensure that their customer service is always top notch.

Securus Technologies Provides People In Correction Facilities With A Chance To See Christmas At Home

The time spent together during the Christmas season is one of the most special times that some family and friends share during the year. There is always something special about Christmas time. People of all ages enjoy the arrival of the Christmas season and what it brings. There is really no other time during the year like Christmas.


From the type of Christmas tree to the way the dressing is prepared for the Christmas meal, many families hold true and deep family traditions.


People have a lot of things that happen to them in their life, but Christmas memories tend to last a lifetime. Adults can remember Christmas seasons from an early age. People can remember things that were done or said during Christmas seasons from decades ago. The special impact that Christmas has on many people, make it a time that is easily remembered.


While Christmas is an important part of the year, many people do not have the opportunity to participate in the Christmas season because they cannot go home for the holidays or have people to come visit them at their home. One group of people in this situation are people in correction facilities. Due to the reasons why many people are in correction facilities, the chance to go home for the Christmas season is not possible. As a result, many people in correction facilities miss the entire spirit of the Christmas season.


Securus Technologies, which is a technology focused company, is helping many people in correction facilities to be able to see and hear what will be taken place at home this Christmas season. The way that Securus Technologies will be able to do this is with its video visitation technology.


Once a linked has been made, people in correction facilities can see and hear everything going on at home through the video connection. The people in correction facilities can see children open presents, can tell family and friends merry Christmas, and witness everything going on as if they were sitting at home with everyone else.


I think that the video visitation technology developed by Securus Technologies is a wonderful method of helping people in correction facilities to spend time with family and friends during the Christmas season.


Securus Technologies  is a technology company that provides various means of communication using technology products and services developed by the company. Securus Technologies provides its products and services to organizations in various business sectors.