How The RealReal Makes Their Money

Instead of preying on sellers who just want to make some cash for their used clothing, The RealReal uses other methods to make sure they’re able to serve their customers. They know that if they can provide funding on their own, they won’t have to worry about predatory fees and they won’t have to try and make their money in other ways. While The RealReal continues making money, they don’t do it through the people they work with. Instead, they learned they can do more to come up with positive influences for their clients. They always want to make sure they’re offering these experiences so they don’t need to worry about how hard they have to work. It’s their goal to give back to the community and make it better than what it was before. The consignment industry is better because of the work they do while they’re helping other people.

The RealReal knows what everyone needs and they aren’t afraid to keep showing them how things will get better when they use them as a consignment service. People who shop with The RealReal don’t even have to leave their home to get the best pieces and all the options they can use to build their wardrobe. They also don’t have to worry about where they’re getting the pieces from. The RealReal screens all of their consignors to make sure their things are made of quality materials and aren’t damaged in any way.

The RealReal knows there are things they can do that will help them see the options they have. The company learned the right practices for consigning items and they also learned about the way to do things that would help them connect with their clients. By the time they did things the right way, they realized they had a chance to grow their client base. They use the over $115 million in funding they received from different sources to help fund their business. They like using their own money instead of charging outrageous fees to their clients. They know more people will consign with them if they use a lower fee schedule.