Dick DeVos Continues A Family Tradition Of Philanthropy

The philanthropic work of the DeVos family has been well known in the state of Michigan for many years as the patriarch of the family, Richard DeVos Sr. has always looked to inspire others to join him in sharing their wealth with those in need and for good causes. I believe Richard’s son, Dick DeVos, has taken over the mantle of his father in many different ways, including his time as the President and CEO of the family business, the AmWay Group, and as a major donor to many different causes around the world; like his father, Dick DeVos, has become a major donor to a range of groups alongside his wife, Betsy DeVos.


As the newly installed U.S. Secretary of Education one would always expect the DeVos family to have a major interest in the education reform movement, which I discovered is the case for Dick in terms of his donations that totaled around $3 million for various education groups in 2015 alone. One aspect of the philanthropic work of Dick DeVos, which is often completed through his role with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, that has impressed me is the willingness of the former President of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise to continue to provide funding for a range of activities in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area the billionaire business leader still calls home. A local school, Potter’s House Christian School is often cited by the DeVos family as being the reason for their support of the education reform movement and still benefits from annual donations made to the school through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.


I have always been impressed with the way Dick DeVos has been willing to step outside the comfort zone of the AmWay group family business to explore different business opportunities, such as those he has found as the founder and head of The Windquest Group. Originally founded as a storage and closet specialist the company has now morphed into a specialist investment company used by Dick and Betsy DeVos to provide backing for companies and business opportunities that catch their eye. Alongside his philanthropic work, Dick DeVos has also proven himself to be an impressive business leader who has set out to become a major part of The AmWay group throughout his life, including the restructuring of the company during his decade long stint as President that prepared the business to expand into more than 50 countries globally.