Explaining The Secret Behind The Success Of And he Dating App Bumble

Courting and romance aren’t quite what they once used to be. Gadgets like smartphone have revolutionized virtually all aspects of living and working. Here are some of the pros associated with using the dating app called Bumble.

Female Version of Tinder

First of, though, some preamble about the inspiration behind the creation of the Bumble App. The app’s founder Whitney Wolfe started the venture as a result of what she termed as ‘the bad behaviors’ of online men. Back then, Tinder was the only in-thing. That was all just about to change.

Assured Privacy

Wolfe’s app version was unique in many ways. The extra layers of security exist to protect the dignity of women. For instance, on Bumble, it is the female who always has the upper hand in the conversations. She’s the one who initiates the conversation, and until she approves it, your messages go straight to her spam inbox. Never to be seen; never to bother anyone!

Efficiency and Speed

The app works via highly intuitive algorithms which find possible perfect-mate matches for the user. You can edit and configure the inbuilt configurations to target particular groups of people. For instance, you can limit your exposure to only the app-users working in the same professional as you. As it stands, it is estimated that Bumble has a following of well over 5M+ users. The figure is expected to keep soaring in the coming days. Currently, statistics show that around 5% of married people in America met via online dating platforms.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney co-founded Tinder and worked there for exactly two years, Wolfe left the job. She was the Vice President in charge of marketing barely five months later she launched Bumble. Whitney Wolfe was one of the top 30 under 30 Forbes-listed entrepreneurs in 2017. He startup is now valued at a whopping 500M by Time.com. The lady from Utah studied International Affairs at the Southern Methodist University.