Highland Capital: The Dallas Foundation

James Dondero has always believed giving back in contributions to help his community. This has always been in his heart. In order to achieve his giving efforts he needed a base to help him exceed in what he wants to do. Read this article at investopedia.com.

Highland Capital has been doing charitable giving since it was founded. The issue was the corporation wanted to do a better job at making contributions on a larger scale. It was then that Dondero decided to enlist in another philanthropist’s help to get the ball rolling at being a larger donor. Her name is Mary Jalonick. Together they created the Dallas Foundation. Jalonick is the CEO. All charitable contributions are going to this foundation so that they can be given out to whatever organization may need them. So far, Dondero has donated to the George W. Bush Presidential Center to support the veterans, the Dallas Zoo, and healthcare. He is looking into other endeavors to give more. If it will improve the community then he will continue to give.

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Dondero fixed a hippo habitat and hosted a Women’s History Month event where he honored the women of his corporation and the former First Ladies of the White House. For a Mother’s Day treat he created an event on their behalf at the Dallas Zoo to make the mother’s of an emergency shelter feel special. He believes in seeing women succeed and has one as the Dallas Foundations CEO. Dondero even uses grants to help with charitable giving. These grants are for nonprofit organizations that need help with staying afloat. They provide services to the community and he wants to make sure that they continue to do so.

Dondero and Jalonick are two philanthropist with the same goal in mind and that is to make sure North Texas stays healthy and have consistent improvement. It is important to show the community you care no matter how much of a global impact you have. That is what Dondero has done. There are still other things he wants to do and other initiatives to contribute to in Texas. Visit hcp.com to know more.