How Does End Citizens United Help Us All Live Better Lives?

End Citizens United has done quite a lot to ensure that we are all living better, and they have created a platform that will help change the way we approach campaign financing. They want to change the laws in our favor, adn this article explains my own experience with End Citizens United. I have been happy with ECU, and I know that my family is happy to help where they can. We have about $30 million more to raise to help, and there are many people who will benefit once we take away lobbyists and big money payouts.


#1: What Does End Citizens United Do?


End Citizens United is a PAC that was created solely to ensure that the government laws on campaign financing will change. We want to stop lobbyists from paying government officials to follow their own plans, and we want to stop campaigns from being run by the wealthiest people in America. These people do not represent someone like you and I, and I hope that we may stop them from ruining what little security we have.


#2: How Do I Help?


The help that I give comes in the form of volunteer service and sharing. I follow all the social media channels of End Citizens United, and I share what they post about they see in the news. There are many news articles that I have been troubled by, and I know that it is much easier for someone to learn when they see the news in-print. I go to their events, and I volunteer so that the events will go over more smoothly.


#3: Why Must We Talk About This?


The things that we are most-concerned about are the things that will change us the most. We want to live well on a local level, and we know that the local elections are just as important as national elections. I hope that we can convince people to change their votes in favor of candidates who do not take money from big donors, and I hope that we will convince Congress to do something that will change the laws of the land. The laws of the land must change so that candidates are prevented from doing whatever they please with the money and benefits that they receive. I hope that this changes soon, and that is why I keep talking about it to friends and family.


We will all live in a more impartial society when we come to End Citizens United and help them make a change to campaign financing. I have been troubled by it for years, and I know that they are trying to make a change. I hope more people will volunteer as I have.