Igor Cornelsen Provides Investment Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs

Igor Cornelsen has extensive and diverse experience in investment banking. He joined the Federal University of Parana to study engineering but opted to change to economics, a decision that hugely impacted his career life. After graduating, he was offered a position of an investment banker in Rio de Janeiro. He worked so hard and only four years into his career, he was appointed the CEO of the bank where he served for seven years. This opportunity provided him with experience that was very helpful when opening his firm.

Igor’s Investment Advice

Due to his extensive experience in the field of finance, he is comfortable offering his views on investment strategies and other financial advice. His views and ideas are intended for investors looking for opportunities in Brazil and other markets. The Brazilian market is very complicated and might make potential investors hold back.

Cornelsen is well conversant with the currency exchange rates of various countries and foresees critical changes in the markets that can potentially harm investors. For instance, he foresaw the predicament of the Euro even before the European market was hit by the recession. In addition, he uses a detailed analysis to support his investment views and ideas.

History as an Investor

According to Igor Cornelsen, providing meaning insights on the topic of finance requires personal experience. He combines his expertise and research to provide meaningful insights that have proven to work over the years. His advice is aimed at helping aspiring investors who do not have his education or expertise.

Quality investment information is very essential for the success of an investor. If the information is not credible, the investor is likely to make mistakes and eventually fail. On the other hand, the available information might be too complicated for new investors to understand. Igor Cornelsen concentrates on providing investment information and analysis that is easy to comprehend and understand.