Long Career In Advertising For Neogama’s Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama, the founder and CEO of Brazilian advertising agency Neogama, spent over 17 years working for other agencies and learning the trade. Finally, he decided that he wanted to start his own agency and aptly named in Neogama in 1999. The decision turned out to be the best decision of his life, as Neogama won a Golden Lion at the Cannes Film Festival that same year. It was the first agency to win the award in its first year of existence. It would not be the last Golden Lion, as Neogama has won a total of 23 in the past 19 years.

Alexandre Gama was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and graduated college in 1982, immediately going to work as a copywriter. He worked tirelessly for nearly a decade before being named a Creative Director with DM9. After another decade of working for others, Gama set out on his own in 1999.

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