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Ganoderma is a mushroom style herbal fungus that grows in the wild on wood. It grows in tropical Asian regions and for centuries has been used to make medications. This natural mushroom fungus is used to treat health issues like allergies, arthritis, lowers cholesterol, treat heart disease, controls high blood pressure, and has a calming effect. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Ganoderma is best known as bracket fungi or shelf mushrooms. Mother Nature has placed the following medicinal properties into this mushroom fungus to benefit mankind: antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, reduces blood cholesterol, boosts the immune system, and is harmless to the liver system.

Messrs. Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand are the co-founders of The Organo Gold Company formed in 2008. Organo Gold produces gourmet coffee beans for mocha and latte blends, green tea, hot chocolate, and supplements using Ganoderma. The genus of Ganoderma is the red reishi(‘Ganoderma lucidum’), herbal mushroom known in China as Ling Zhi. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Japanese culture calls Ganoderma the King of Herbs. In both countries, this reishi mushroom is popular for its miraculous health benefits. The Ganoderma luidum reishi blend is mainly used in premium Organo Gold products. The Organo Gold coffee is fast becoming a favored product that is gaining popularity, if not for its flavorable rich taste, then for its healthy qualities.

To acquire Organo Gold products is accomplished through a wholesale platform. Organo Gold distributors are part of a global sales team and a multi-level marketing system. To sell Organo Gold the sales team must be intimately knowledgeable about Organo Gold products because the company and the team all share in the profits.

The Organo Gold leadership believes in making new entrepreneurs which is why the distributors are succinctly trained before they go into the sales field. For example, distributors are told to be upfront and honest about the healthy Ganoderma organic mushroom content. Then after the surprised look wears off, customers are treated to a free cup, then voila – they are sold.

Organo Gold manages headquarters both in Canada and in the United States. The Organo Gold coffee, tea and its other products are sold around in over 16 countries worldwide. Another unique feature for Organo Gold coffee is that they are packaged in sachet packets, allowing persons to simply pour hot water over it like tea.

Organo Gold products are guaranteed to be a healthy drink that you can enjoy throughout the day. In addition to the co-founders the organic ingredients are overseen by a physician board of scientists and researchers who help to certify the natural ingredients that go into the company’s coffee, tea, and other products.