OSI Group Processes Food Products

OSI Group is a large food processing company. The company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. They have recently purchased another processing plant in Chicago. That processing plant was a Tyson Foods plant. The plant recently closed and when it did, OSI Group bought the plant and hired many of the employees that worked at Tyson Foods. OSI Group has food-processing plants in a number of states. Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, California, and Illinois are states where OSI Group has food-processing plants.

OSI Food Solutions has gained a lot of experience working in the food processing industry and they have been delivering high-quality food-processing services to their customers. The company processes a lot of different kinds of foods. They process pork products, bacon products, fish products, hot dogs, and pizza. They deliver sausage patties, meatloaf, pepperoni, and meatballs to some of their customers. Some of the other kinds of foods that OSI Food Solutions processes are fruit, baked snacks, beef burgers, and beefsteak. The company has a lot of experience processing these foods.

OSI Group’s food processing experience includes poultry products, as well. The company processes poultry products such as nuggets, patties, poultry strips, and breaded poultry. In addition to poultry products, the company also processes turkey products. OSI Group knows how to process many different types of food products and they know how to process them in a high-quality way.

Some people may find that working with OSI Food Solutions could be very beneficial and enjoyable for them. The company puts a lot of effort into trying to find employees who want to work in the food processing industry. They try to find employees who are hard-working people and who want to help OSI Food Solutions continue to be a successful, high-quality food-processing company. If a person wants to work with the company, they may be able to find a job opening at OSI Group by reading the employment information that may be on the company’s website.

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