How Does End Citizens United Help Us All Live Better Lives?

End Citizens United has done quite a lot to ensure that we are all living better, and they have created a platform that will help change the way we approach campaign financing. They want to change the laws in our favor, adn this article explains my own experience with End Citizens United. I have been happy with ECU, and I know that my family is happy to help where they can. We have about $30 million more to raise to help, and there are many people who will benefit once we take away lobbyists and big money payouts.


#1: What Does End Citizens United Do?


End Citizens United is a PAC that was created solely to ensure that the government laws on campaign financing will change. We want to stop lobbyists from paying government officials to follow their own plans, and we want to stop campaigns from being run by the wealthiest people in America. These people do not represent someone like you and I, and I hope that we may stop them from ruining what little security we have.


#2: How Do I Help?


The help that I give comes in the form of volunteer service and sharing. I follow all the social media channels of End Citizens United, and I share what they post about they see in the news. There are many news articles that I have been troubled by, and I know that it is much easier for someone to learn when they see the news in-print. I go to their events, and I volunteer so that the events will go over more smoothly.


#3: Why Must We Talk About This?


The things that we are most-concerned about are the things that will change us the most. We want to live well on a local level, and we know that the local elections are just as important as national elections. I hope that we can convince people to change their votes in favor of candidates who do not take money from big donors, and I hope that we will convince Congress to do something that will change the laws of the land. The laws of the land must change so that candidates are prevented from doing whatever they please with the money and benefits that they receive. I hope that this changes soon, and that is why I keep talking about it to friends and family.


We will all live in a more impartial society when we come to End Citizens United and help them make a change to campaign financing. I have been troubled by it for years, and I know that they are trying to make a change. I hope more people will volunteer as I have.

Andrew Rocklage: One To Watch in Boston Business

Lawyer and entrepreneur Andrew Rocklage is an emerging powerhouse in the world of Boston business. This young man on the go has shown amazing skills and savvy both in the business and legal fields. His newest venture is Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Florida, where Rocklage, originally from Boston, has relocated.

Rocklage operates and owns Sky Zone Trampoline Park, one of the newest, coolest and most popular trampoline parks in the country today, and which has been a tremendous success.

Andrew Rocklage graduated cum laude from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts in 2009, with a BS in Sport Management and Economics. He then went on to law school at the prestigious Suffolk University Law School, where he was a member of the Transnational Law Review and Phi Delta Phi. Rocklage graduated in 2013.

Rocklage’s success can be partly credited to the fact that this dynamic young man has been working non-stop for many years now. During his time at the University of Massachusetts, Rocklage attended internships with Major League Lacrosse and the Boston Red Sox, for whom he also worked as a ticket sales associate.

And, as a law student, he participated in an internship and legal consultancy for Cubist Pharmaceuticals, after which he clerked for Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy PC and Avery, Dooley and Noone, LLP.

After graduating from law school at Suffolk University Rocklage worked for EPIRUS Pharmaceuticals, first as a legal consultant, eventually becoming corporate counsel later on.

In the last two years, Rocklage’s career trajectory has taken an exciting turn. His entrepreneurship skills have come to the fore and he started Sky Zone Trampoline Park at Daytona Beach and Port St. Lucie in Florida in September of 2015. Sky Zone has opened to rave reviews, with the team getting consistently high marks for customer service.

Andrew Rocklage has managed to put together an amazing team that provides unparalleled service at the park, putting in the necessary hours of finding the best people and training them, just because he recognizes how important this is to the success of any brand.

It is obvious that even at such a young age, Rocklage has taken his experience and still growing expertise in the field of sports management and sales, pharmaceuticals as well as the legal field, to spur him on to break new ground in entrepreneurship. We expect only new heights for this stellar young entrepreneur.


Looking for a suitable lawyer is not always easy. Some people have to use different lawyer and the search becomes a daunting task. Due to such challenges, New York has established a new way. The Bar Association of New York State has introduced an online platform. People can use it to search for lawyer conveniently.

This option is fast and all potential clients receive help shortly after they ask for it. The new online portal is also supported by Lawyer Referral and Information Service.Getting assistance from this portal is simple.

An individual will be required to visit the website and answer a questionnaire. It will have questions about the individual’s legal needs and location. Using this information, the Bar will appoint a lawyer according to the needs of the client. Before allocating a lawyer to a client, some keen screening happens.

The legal fees are dependent upon a situation. The lawyer and client will agree on the fees as per consultations. Referrals attract an additional fee of thirty-five dollars in the first thirty minutes of consultation. A client does have an obligation of retaining a lawyer if it was on a referral basis.

This new service is available throughout and it guarantees confidentiality. Each lawyer listed o this database has undergone review. He or she is credible and competent to handle cases. By availing these services at ease, lawyers redefine their delivery to the people. At an affordable cost, many people will access legal services.

Jeremy Goldstein is a practicing lawyer at a boutique firm where he is the owner. This firm’s specialty is corporate law. They assist organizations to address matters of corporate governance. Before starting his own firm, Goldstein worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. As Jeremy Goldstein served this organization, he was made a partner. He gained rich experience by participating in transactions for big corporations.

Before embarking on his career, Jeremy Goldstein attended New York University School of Law. He also pursued an M.S from the University of Chicago. In the past decade, Goldstein has elevated significantly in his career. For example, he is currently the Chairman of Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee. Since he wants to impart knowledge, he has written. Most of his work is on executive compensation as well as other corporate governance issues. He is also a member of New York’s Journal of Law and business. Jeremy Goldstein is passionate about his work and he seems determined to impact businesses and the entire society.

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Good Food Means a Great Dog

A puppy needs the best nutrients to grow, just like babies. If you pick the wrong food the puppy will not grow into a strong dog and can experience a number of physical and mental deformities.

Beneful Healthy Puppy is an excellent choice for the newest member of your family. This line is targets towards all dog breeds. The pieces are small so there is no risk of choking on the soft and crunchy food. Unlike other reasonably priced dry dog food, Beneful Healthy Puppy is made of quality, fresh ingredients. Pieces are made from farm-raise chicken, fresh peas and fresh carrots. Just like other Beneful dry food these are combined with whole grains to create robust flavor.

Buying Beneful Healthy Puppy does not have to break the bank. You can save even more money on the affordable puppy food using coupons from your local newspaper or online. Purina often emails coupons to loyal customers, so be sure to sign up.

CTMA: Problem Solving Innovators for Central Texas Roads

In a recent report dated September 15, 2015, Mike Heiligenstein and other experts in the Central Texas regional transportation industry discussed the MoPac project being one of the many mobility solutions among other situations relating to traffic. A few weeks prior to the American-Statesman argued that Austin’s traffic congestion will increase. The American-Statesman also stated that a tech solution is needed for this problem, and there is a need for residents to be encouraged to pedal and walk.


In response to these concerns, mobility solutions are continually being built. Even though there are still unanswered solutions, there are and have been some solutions so far. For one, the 183A Toll road was built in Leander and Cedar Park which led to exponential growth. The U.S. 290 toll road was built between Austin and Manor which allows triple capacity of the road. And now, the new MoPac Express Lanes are being built to institute tolling used in sophisticated technology to assist in managing traffic flow.


When it comes to encouraging residents to pedal and walk, the mobility authority along with the support of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization uses the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program that offers free roadside assistance to assist motorists with minor issues that frequently become major traffic problems. Other solutions the mobility authority have so far include the embedding of fiber lines along the 183 South project between the airport and the US, working with Metropia to make a mobile trafficking app that provides real time alternative routing commutes, and working with Carma which is a carpooling app to inspire commuters to share rides.


About Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


Mike Heiligenstein, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s executive director, is a board member of the International Bridge, Texas Transportation, and the Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Additionally, he earned a masters of business administration and a masters in government from the University of Texas.


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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Defends Civic, Human, and Migrant Rights

The Colibri Center is one of the groups that is supported by Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This is a family advocacy group that is located in Tucson, Arizona. They were one of the first groups to be funded by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera organization.

They work with a variety of people including scientist and regular families to put an end to the increasing migrant deaths and sufferings that occur not he Mexican border. They work through this issue from the approach of basic human rights.

The Colibri Center has a database that helps them in order to identify the missing and dead so that they can provide relief to the families looking for their loved ones. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also have an advanced DNA program that is essential in the identification of the individuals who are killed trying to cross the border. Many of the dead cannot be identified using finger prints and photos due to the harsh conditions of the land.

This make DNA identification extremely important. These DNA collections will be sent to a lab where the results will be evaluated. They also have a family network that works to provide a support group for families who are missing or have lost loved ones. They intend to assist in the healing process in any way that they can. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

In San Diego, the Border Angels groups focuses on helping people who are negatively affected by the denial of migrant and immigration rights. They are trying to prevent the increasing number of deaths on the border and provide support to the families who have lost someone. They also try to promote community awareness to this growing issue and place water along the border to help anyone who might need it.

Back in 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested in the middle of the night in their homes. They went on to sue the Maricopa country sheriff for unlawful detainment and were eventually awarded a large settlement of $3.75 million after the grand jury determined that the arrest has absolutely no basis and was completely unlawful. These two journalists decided they needed to use this money and help other people, so they went on to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

This group was meant to provide support to other civic, human, and migrant rights groups. They also try to promote the fight of freedom of speech and civix participation along the U.S. and Mexican border. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They are mainly focused on the Arizona area but their reach has spanned all over. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has had a huge impact on other civic, human, and migrant rights groups just by word of mouth and showing they really can made a difference.

Bob Reina: He Is On Top Of His Game

It is very hard for people to reach a place in their career where they are at the top of their game, but Bob Reina has achieved that. He has shown that through hard work, dedication, and sheer will, anything can be accomplished. There are talkers and there are doers. Bob Reina is a doer. When he sees a vision in his mind, nothing is going to get in his way from accomplishing what he wants to do with his career. That is why Talk Fusion has had so much success over the past ten years. First and foremost, it is a great product, but they have a great man leading the way in Bob Reina. Learn more here:


This is a man that used to be a police officer, so because of this, he knows empathy, which is an important trait to have as an individual. It is something that a lot of people lack and a lot of people don’t know how to see. Bob Reina has the experience to see it and follow through with it. That is how he came up with Talk Fusion, which is a video communications provider that has made a lot of people happy and allowed a lot of people to live out their dreams, each and every day of their lives. Learn more:


Bob Reina has also never been shy about giving back to other people and even animals. He recently made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He truly loves and cares about animals with every fiber of his being. It says a lot about a person’s character when they do things like this. It shows they want to make a difference and they go out and do it, no excuses. They don’t let anything stand in their way, which has always been the Bob Reina way.


As pointed out in a recent interview, he is on the lookout for the next big thing at all times. He wants to find it, get it, and make it happen because he knows of the people that will be helped along the way, which is his primary goal. Learn more:



Doe Deere Reveals Her Morning Ritual To Savoir Online Readers

Most celebrities have a routine and CEO and President, Doe Deere, creator of the famous Lime Crime name and she tells Savoir Flair online about the favorite parts of her daily routine. Currently, living in LA, Deere expresses the importance of a good nights sleep (for clear skin) and being properly hydrated. Her goal is to get nines hours of sleep each night and upon waking up at 8:30 am she consumes a glass of water along with a few stretches that are intended to loosen up her back. She informs her audience that she is no fitness guru.

More importantly, Deere says, her favorite part of the morning is putting on her makeup because it helps her to be creative and gives her time to focus on herself. She trusts the same colors that her customers use to define her look each morning. Her colors of choice are Rustic, Red Velvet, and Pink Velvet from the Lime Crime collection. Deere admits the velvetine matte base is her favorite. Throughout her busy day there is no need to constantly reapply her makeup unless she is actually changing her look for the evening. Best of all, LC products are completely 100% waterproof.

Doe Deere was one of the first cosmetic designers to use the super-foil base that goes on moist, but dries to a perfected finish. Thousands of women around the world rely on the Lime Crime name for the perfect coverage. LC demands that their wearers be creative and choose colors that will help them make a bold statement with their makeup. Intricate colors like Radical Metallic and Sorbet help make your choices endless. You’re invited to visit the exclusive Lime Crime website for more details on having their products conveniently shipped to your door.

Lime Crime is a very popular brand and continues to empower girls and guys around the world. Deere, has also embarked on a new Scandal cosmetic line that offers a purple-violet hue lipstick that is very popular among her 2.4 million Instagram followers. Their new lipstick shade will be offered under the LC name. You can also change the color of your hair with a new LC hair dye collection branded under the Unicorn name. The Unicorn collection provides a permanent or temporary hair dye option. Doe Deere understands hoe important it is to avoid your naysayer’s because she avoid people that didn’t agree with her unconventional way of thinking about colors to bring the world Lime Crime.

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Securus Technologies – The Top Reasons Behind Its Growth

According to the CEO of Securus Technologies Inc, Richard A. Smith, their company offers the largest portfolio of inmate communication solutions in the industry. The company has recently announced that they have secured five more patents for their software. Between 2013 and 2016, the company has received approval for 36 patents out of the 90 patents that they had filed for. The remaining ones are still being processed and are expected to receive their patents soon. This addition has increased the number of patents by the company to 248. It is one of the largest numbers of patents that any company in the communications holds. Some of the products are in the areas of inmate calling services, video visitation services, audio calling services, fraud detection and much more.


Securus Technologies is the top provider of technology solutions to law enforcement agencies, public safety and also correctional agencies. Working in the sheriff’s department, I have first-hand experience of its software. We received training for the system after it was installed in our premises. Using it, we have been able to catch criminals and also provided proofs immediately to the legal department so that they do not find loopholes and get away with the crime. Their software has made our work faster and efficient in many ways that were unimaginable till a few years back. The legal proceedings too have become easier as we can provide the court with the proofs that they need to prosecute the criminals for their crimes.


The customer service team at the Securus technologies have been the recipient of many awards for their exceptional service. In addition, they also receive emails and letters from their clients about their products and customer service. These motivate the company employees to work harder and to ensure that their customer service is always top notch.

Mike Heiligenstein Is a Transportation Expert

Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, in short, is a well-known independent government firm that was launched back in 2002. The goal of the agency is to enhance the efficiency of Travis and Williamson Counties’ transportation systems. As the Executive Director, Heiligenstein leads a manageable team of hard-working professionals. He regularly travels throughout Texas to speak at forums that revolve around local infrastructure requirements. Infrastructure is becoming more and more of a pressing concern in the vast Lone Star State. He has significant knowledge that involves topics such as problematic road conditions and toll roads.


Heiligenstein has been a big part of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since day one. He’s been the brain behind many in-depth projects since that time, too. He was in charge of the organization’s first mission. This was Williamson County’s 183A.


Heiligenstein is more than just a busy Executive Director. He’s the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association’s President. He’s part of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s advisory board as well. That’s not to mention the fact that he was a diligent Williamson County public official for well over two decades. After he left his position as a public official, he landed his coveted Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority job.


The professionals who make up the team at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority are all highly impressive individuals. They know a lot about vital topics such as tolling, transportation, finance and communications. Since Heiligenstein is the Executive Director, he gets the opportunity to work alongside so many dedicated and capable people. Examples of these individuals are Deputy Executive Director Jeff Dailey, administrative assistant Laura Bohl, General Counsel Geoff Petrov, communications manager Jori Hayter, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bill Chapman, legal assistant Josephina Ibarra and executive assistant Deborah Melba. There are many other standout employees who are big parts of the firm’s achievements and successes as well. These people include Director of Operations Tim Reilly, toll operations specialist Norma Martinez and controller Mary Temple.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an organization that’s consistently striving to make positive changes in the large transportation universe. That’s why the organization is constantly working on all kinds of projects. Roadway projects are a significant priority for the team. The organization’s roadway projects strive to strengthen drive times all around the Central Texas region.


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