Mike Heiligenstein Is a Transportation Expert

Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, in short, is a well-known independent government firm that was launched back in 2002. The goal of the agency is to enhance the efficiency of Travis and Williamson Counties’ transportation systems. As the Executive Director, Heiligenstein leads a manageable team of hard-working professionals. He regularly travels throughout Texas to speak at forums that revolve around local infrastructure requirements. Infrastructure is becoming more and more of a pressing concern in the vast Lone Star State. He has significant knowledge that involves topics such as problematic road conditions and toll roads.


Heiligenstein has been a big part of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since day one. He’s been the brain behind many in-depth projects since that time, too. He was in charge of the organization’s first mission. This was Williamson County’s 183A.


Heiligenstein is more than just a busy Executive Director. He’s the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association’s President. He’s part of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s advisory board as well. That’s not to mention the fact that he was a diligent Williamson County public official for well over two decades. After he left his position as a public official, he landed his coveted Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority job.


The professionals who make up the team at the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority are all highly impressive individuals. They know a lot about vital topics such as tolling, transportation, finance and communications. Since Heiligenstein is the Executive Director, he gets the opportunity to work alongside so many dedicated and capable people. Examples of these individuals are Deputy Executive Director Jeff Dailey, administrative assistant Laura Bohl, General Counsel Geoff Petrov, communications manager Jori Hayter, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bill Chapman, legal assistant Josephina Ibarra and executive assistant Deborah Melba. There are many other standout employees who are big parts of the firm’s achievements and successes as well. These people include Director of Operations Tim Reilly, toll operations specialist Norma Martinez and controller Mary Temple.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an organization that’s consistently striving to make positive changes in the large transportation universe. That’s why the organization is constantly working on all kinds of projects. Roadway projects are a significant priority for the team. The organization’s roadway projects strive to strengthen drive times all around the Central Texas region.


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The Success of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a huge success in the financial world. I think that he has become a very powerful person in the business world because he has decades of experience. He has worked in things like financial management and aviation. I believe that Bonar is very diverse, and this has become the foundation of his success. He has never been afraid to take on things like multi-family or contract administration.

I believe that Brian Bonar has become very big in San Diego because he has done so much for Trucept and Dalraida Financial Services. He worked for Dalraida Financial Services and this is where he groomed himself in business management strategies. Bonar was there for almost 2 decades before he started making his mark for temporary staffing and insurance products at Trucept.

Brian Bonar has become a person that has had a global leadership strategy. He has worked with building relationships with Japanese printer manufacturers during his time with Adaptec. He has worked as a sales manager during this time, and the also worked with outsourcing motherboards through IBM. He has this vast knowledge of a lot of different areas because he has worked in technology and financial management.

There are not a lot of people that have become true masters of different areas of business, but I believe that Brian Bonar is someone that has truly mastered many areas of business because he has taken so many risks. Brian was one of the most successful leaders of Dalraida Financial and lot of this has to do with the skills that he has gained through Staffordshire University. He had received an MBA from this school, and he has learned the things that have put in in a place where he can help others.

Mergers and acquisitions have become commonplace for Brian Bonar. He knows what to do, and he is well aware of what it takes to bring businesses together. He was named the the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Brian Bonar has played a big role in establishing programs that help with risk management and he has greatly increased the level of efficiency in the business world.

Brian Bonar has been good at establishing client relationships and building financial plans. As the CEO I think that Brian Bonar knows a lot about the different areas of finance. He knows about the things that are needed to build a portfolio. He knows about the ways that clients should diversify. All of this because he has worked in different areas. Bonar has been in business management for years, and he has been good at helping people build up better financial plans for anyone that needs help.

The Traveling Vineyard Gives Their Clients Remarkable Experience By Allowing House Tasting Parties Before Purchasing

The Traveling Vineyard works on the notion that customers are delighted to purchase a commodity that they have tried and tested. The firm uses wine consultants to display their wine in private tasting parties.

After wine tastings, the wine professional then takes the clients through the catalog with the aim of advising them on the best wine appropriate for their need. The wine consultants are first trained on the types of products that the firm offers, which include white wines, red wines, and sweet & fizzy wines.

The wine experts are then given a success kit for a small fee, and they set out to start the sales and marketing journey. Besides wines, The Traveling Vineyard also offers beers, wine accessories, and spirits.

Social Media Usage

The Traveling Vineyard understands the impact of social media in marketing and advertising for any business. Their Facebook page and Twitter are filled with displays of their products. The firm also puts up educative posts with important topics that enlighten their followers on their products. In a bid to encourage more wine consultants to join the network, as well as the existing ones to work harder, Traveling Vineyard displays pictures of winners of various awards during the awards ceremony.

What One Stands To Gain

With the direct sales approach and the consumable nature of wines, the products sell out very fast, allowing wine consultants meet sales targets without major hustles. This, in turn, earns them rewards, and they move up the ladder in a short time. This arrangement translates to mean that wine consultants have the ability to determine their positions and earnings in the company. Since it is not a fixed schedule kind of work, it allows the wine consultants some flexibility in their time. The firm rewards hard work with various gifts, including free vacations.

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Be a Unicorn With Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime Makeup line. Born and raised in Russia, she is truly an individual who expresses herself through her use of bold color. This reflects her strong personality and values, and allows her to be herself. Doe Deere hopes that her makeup line as well as her story will inspire others to do the same. If they have a dream, she wants them to go after it. Originally aspiring to be a musician, Deere believes in uniqueness and individuality. She lived in New York for several years, and attended New York University’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Doe Deere believes that no one should ever give up on their dreams. She feels that you should utilize what you love, and her philosophy regarding her love for bold makeup colors was that if she could find it, she would make it. That’s exactly what she did in 2008. The products became popular, and thus began the creation of the Lime Crime.

Available online, the Lime Crime offers vegan and cruelty free products for lips, eyes, face, hair and nails. Because of Doe Deere’s ever changing looks through the use of different colors, the website uses the phrase “Make Me a Unicorn”.

It doesn’t matter if you want pink or purple hair, blue nails or green lips, the Lime Crime will have the products you are looking for to express your individuality. The mission of the Lime Crime is to revolutionize makeup. They realize that the same look or color palette won’t work for everyone, and everyone should be free to create the look that they want.

Doe Deere believe in being hardworking and ambitious and never giving up on what you want. She believes that through this determination, you can achieve anything, which is how her company was created. Doe always felt that she was different, and it was when she finally felt that she found her place in the universe that she became successful in the makeup industry. Utilizing her passion for color and her strong mindset, she achieved what she wanted and became a success at doing it.

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Doe Deere and Getting Business Going

If you are a business woman, you know it is hard to get your business going. Doe Deere knows this better than most, but when she started her makeup business, she did it with the idea of helping not just herself, but other woman as well.

Looking Good

If you are starting a business, the biggest thing you might want to consider after the financial part, is how you look. She designed her makeup with that thought in mind. She wanted woman to stand out if they felt like it was who they were. That is why Lime Crime was started in the first place.

When you are starting a business it’s important to look the part as well as be good at what you are doing. Having great makeup can really help with that. All you need is to have the right look and know what you are doing and you can do well with your business.

Financial Considerations

When Doe Deere started her makeup company, she did it with very little to start and only an online presence. This was the lowest cost way to start out, but it quickly went from one small business to a large international brand. She did it without going broke and while thinking about what women like her want in a makeup. That is how you have to think when you are in business. You have to be able to meet a need your customers have and in doing that will make the money you need.

There are a lot of things to consider if you are going to create your own business. the good news is that it can be done and you can get what you want from your business. Freedom and an ability to make others feel good about who they are. You can create a business that will make you the money and the happiness that you have always wanted. All you need is to keep going and remember the stories of those that have already made it happen for themselves. Deere is one of those women.

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Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

If you’re having an NYC wedding, you’ll want to be able to extract the glory of the city and capture it in your matrimonial videos and photos. There is no better way to do that than by hiring a photographer that works for George Street Photo and Video in NYC.

You should always seek to hire a professional photographer or video expert when it comes to taking shots of your wedding day. The reason is accuracy and quality. You don’t want to take a chance on taking unprofessional photos on a day that you will never be able to redo. Instead, you can ensure that you will have high-quality shots by hiring some of the most competent photographers in the business. George Street Photo and Video NYC reviews are always positive, and the specialists have the credentials that you want to see. Just call and schedule an appointment to make your wedding day magical.

Tammy Mazzocco Makes Her Mark in the Central Ohio Real Estate Market

When Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate career, she started as a secretary to a small commercial real estate group. The job opened her eyes to the income potential that the real estate business offered. She moved through several other supportive type jobs until she went into the real estate business full-time as an agent.

Tammy went to work for RE/MAX with the Judy Gang team in Pickerington, Ohio in 1999. Judy had been a good friend and a mentor, and the relationship was perfect at the beginning, and it has been ever since.

Tammy works in the residential real estate niche and covers four counties in Central Ohio, Licking, Fairfield, Franklin, and Deleware. That is a lot of territory, but Tammy sells a lot of real estate. She learned early on that to succeed in real estate a broker has to put in a full day’s work.

Her day starts early at the office where she takes care of any paperwork and email that needs attention, and then she is on the phone following up on leads and appointments. About 80% of her business comes from referrals and repeat business, but she also likes to throw in leads generated by other services. Zillow and realtor.com offer leads of interest prospect who write in inquiring about available houses in an area. These are interested people, and it is worth speaking with them.

Tammy does not take herself too seriously and is never afraid of failure. Not everyone is going to buy a house, so she feels that goes with the territory. But she knows she has to see lots of people to sift through the lookers so she can find the buyers, more information about Tammy can be found on spokeo.

When asked what motivates her, Tammy replies that the setting of meaningful goals is a real big motivator. She knows that if she can break goals down into smaller action steps, she will be able to complete the action steps because they are not very big or time-consuming. Many people make goals, and then they try to accomplish the whole goal in a short period, and it becomes impossible.

One of Tammy’s key strategies is to give all of her attention to the needs of the client. The prospective buyer may have problems or complications that have nothing to do with real estate, but those issues can result in a lost sale. She makes it a point to totally focus on the client and to forget her issues. When customers’ know they are in the limelight, they will do business with you.

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A Bustle.com Exclusive Experiment of WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner

In her article, “I Used Cleansing Cleansing Conditioner On My Fine Hair & Here’s What Happened,” Emily McClure, a content writer for Bustle.com — a media source like Facebook, but for women — takes the reader through a 7-day personal experiment using a hair care product from WEN by Chaz Dean. Emily described her hair as being fine and thin. Therefore, she decided the most appropriate cleansing conditioner formula to try during the experimentation should be Fig. The Fig conditioner seemed to guarantee the most appealing results — which were “hair moisture, bounce, and shine.” Other Wen formulations include Sweet Almond Mint, Pomegranate, Lavender, and Cucumber Aloe, to name just a few from the eclectic collection.

Upon outset of her unofficial week-long trial, she reported immediately being put off by the amount of conditioner recommended for use. The bottle’s label advises that for short hair a person should get 10-16 pumps from the non-aerosol pump container, 16-24 for medium hair and 24-32 pumps for long hair. In one of the several photos she provided throughout her piece, she showed an image of what her average shampoo amount looks like against a picture of WEN’s recommendation for their product. Comparatively, the suggested Wen amount appeared to be 4 to 5 times more product than the amount of shampoo she would regularly use on her medium-length hair.

Conditioner measure aside, Emily seemed ecstatic about the look and feel of her hair after using the cleansing conditioner. After each wash, she described her hair as being soft, shiny and bouncy all seven days. She did, however, give an account of having some minor discouragement. Emily said that her hair seemed to become greasier far sooner than usual. Upon waking, after washing her hair the night before, she claimed to have pomade hair. Washing in the morning, on the other hand, kept her hair luxurious and silky all day. Her final good word was that the WEN cleansing conditioner worked best for individuals who were ambitious about showering and styling every morning and not those who are “slightly lazier.”

WEN by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) hair care products are offspring of Chaz’s personal ideology — which is to remain natural, holistic and healthy in life. With over a two-decade belief that the iron of traditional shampoos, as well as, detergents and astringent chemicals, are damaging to hair, WEN offers a cleansing conditioner instead — along with styling creams and texturing sprays.

The cleansing conditioners come in an assortment of formulas — some of which are seasonal — that are an all-in-one cleansing treatment for all types of hair. The conditioner was created to replace not just a person’s everyday shampoo, but also the standalone conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler. Need Wen? Order online directly from the Wen.com website.

Explaining The Secret Behind The Success Of And he Dating App Bumble

Courting and romance aren’t quite what they once used to be. Gadgets like smartphone have revolutionized virtually all aspects of living and working. Here are some of the pros associated with using the dating app called Bumble.

Female Version of Tinder

First of, though, some preamble about the inspiration behind the creation of the Bumble App. The app’s founder Whitney Wolfe started the venture as a result of what she termed as ‘the bad behaviors’ of online men. Back then, Tinder was the only in-thing. That was all just about to change.

Assured Privacy

Wolfe’s app version was unique in many ways. The extra layers of security exist to protect the dignity of women. For instance, on Bumble, it is the female who always has the upper hand in the conversations. She’s the one who initiates the conversation, and until she approves it, your messages go straight to her spam inbox. Never to be seen; never to bother anyone!

Efficiency and Speed

The app works via highly intuitive algorithms which find possible perfect-mate matches for the user. You can edit and configure the inbuilt configurations to target particular groups of people. For instance, you can limit your exposure to only the app-users working in the same professional as you. As it stands, it is estimated that Bumble has a following of well over 5M+ users. The figure is expected to keep soaring in the coming days. Currently, statistics show that around 5% of married people in America met via online dating platforms.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney co-founded Tinder and worked there for exactly two years, Wolfe left the job. She was the Vice President in charge of marketing barely five months later she launched Bumble. Whitney Wolfe was one of the top 30 under 30 Forbes-listed entrepreneurs in 2017. He startup is now valued at a whopping 500M by Time.com. The lady from Utah studied International Affairs at the Southern Methodist University.

The Ease Of Getting Into Legal Trouble And How Jeremy Goldstein Can Help

When it comes to people that find themselves convicted of an offense, many people may look at that person with no sympathy. However, legal troubles is not always the fault of the convict. There are actually many cases when one who should be found innocent has been found guilty and made to serve the penalty for the crime that he either did not commit or was actually forced or tricked into committing. Without a lawyer, the criminal is forced to take the fall. Therefore, it is important to find someone who could represent the case so that the defendant could have a fighting chance.


One person that can handle many of these cases is Jeremy Goldstein. He has handled plenty of trials that have involved cases where people are faced with something that is not their fault. Jeremy Goldstein knows all of the loopholes that he can deal with so that the defendant can get the justice that he deserves. He has studied a lot of law and has gotten plenty of good education so that he can thoroughly represent his client and present the full story to the judge or the jury as it depends on the trial in this case.


The key to the results of the case is in the evidence. If a man wants to prove his innocence in a matter, then he has to make sure that he has enough evidence as well as a strong defense. After all, people are going to be looking at the evidence that is displayed. Jeremy Goldstein is very good at gathering evidence for the case so that the defendant can have a chance to prove his innocence. Jeremy Goldstein is willing to let the person represent him on his behalf so that he can actually relax in the intense environment of the court.


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