Richard Blair Providing Sound Investment And Wealth Solutions To Clients In Austin, Texas

Wealth Solutions is a firm based in Austin, Texas that offers its clients services to help them grow, manage and protect their assets. The founder, Richard Blair, is a very resourceful partner to have and is highly experienced and qualified with many certifications that include a CES, CAS, CFS and the RICP. The firm itself operates as a Registered Investment firm.

Mr. Blair thinks that everyone needs a solid plan to follow in order to achieve their financial goals in life. To do this, he offers his clients sound retirement planning and wealth management services. He uses a three pillar approach in his services to come up with a financial plan for his clients.

Pillar 1- This pillar is where he helps his clients lay out a financial map to follow.  Understanding where the client is at currently will help to create a financial plan to follow for the future.

Pillar 2- Dring this pillar, a long-term strategy is laid out to meet the client’s financial goals. The strategy is tailored to meet each client’s investment goals and liquidity needs. Blair will rearrange assets to make sure that the client’s portfolio is performing at its maximum potential.

Pillar 3- Once the client’s goals are determined and the strategies are set into place, the next step is to meet each client’s insurance needs.

According to Manta, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is an Investment Advisor and Wealth Solutions advisor who works out of Austin, Texas. He has a bachelor’s degree in financial management services and finance. Blair graduated from the University of Houston and holds certification in Retirement Income Certified Professionals(RICP). Some of his specialties include investments, retirement, portfolio management, mutual funds, wealth management and insurance.

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