In the world of cosmetic medicine, Mark Mofid is a name that distinctly stands out for some reasons. He is well renowned for the vast knowledge he possesses having been through two of the best universities with an eye for innovation in the industry. He holds his undergraduate degree magna cum laude from Harvard University. At Johns Hopkins, he got his medical degree and craniofacial research. At the moment he is a staff surgeon working in various medical institutions in La Jolla and San Diego. He is also a University of California clinical member. The innovations he made on breast surgery and facial were featured in a journal known by surgeons worldwide. His vast popularity and consistency in medical practices have earned him the respect of various people globally.

Mark Mofid has an experience of 8 years continually improving on precise categories of surgeries. As soon as he entered the industry, he realized that there was a lot of room for improvement in the near future. He reinvented the entire industry instead of following the same old routines used by his predecessors. Previously, the implants that were mostly available were generic. This was a great set back as it’s compatibility with the muscle structure was poor in the human body which would eventually lead to sagging. Mark Mofid came up with new and better options after numerous brainstorming and hours of researchers to design first-rate gluten implants. His latest design not only look better, but it also has improved in ratio, better intramuscular positioning with a low profile.

Mark Mofid only indulges in practices that he sees are 100% safe. This is very uncommon in the industry of Gluten Augmentation where patients frequently request larger implants and to other doctors relish the opportunity to exploit. He is progressively looking for safer ways on how to perfect his skills. Patients are now comfortable when it comes to cosmetic procedures due to the rapid improvement over such a short period.Mark Mofid has mastered the art of innovation putting him at the top in this industry. He learns, explores and cooperates trying to find various methods of raising the bar in gluteal augmentation industry.