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Medical Journals are one of the most widely used authorities that the medical profession turn to as they seek to find the most current and applicable information on disease available. Oncotarget is a peer reviewed online medical journal that seeks to break down the barriers in publishing medical and scientific studies in a timely fashion. This multidisciplinary online medical journal offers free open access and publishes new papers weekly on the subject of Oncology research and development. The platform for this medical journal allows exceptional discoveries to be widely available in the research and medical community in a very timely fashion. This aids in the spread of critical information on
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The journal was founded and continues to run under the leadership of the most prominent scientists and medical professionals in the field of Oncology with members from the top medical research hospitals and facilities in the world. It was designed to help all researchers and medical professionals involved in medical research of Oncology the ability to contribute to the progress of research science and medicine. Today, Oncotarget is rated as the top online medical journal for oncology related articles in the industry. Their top goal is to help foster the use of new and advanced research findings to help medical professionals fight disease through the most current and up to date information available to the medical community. The Oncotarget journal of medicine online website has years of archives available for doctors and medical researchers to gain access to and be able to print on special demand information for their use in their work in the medical field at

As of late, the journal’s wide ranging success has prompted the founders and editorial staff of Oncotarget to expand their medical reach into several other areas of medical research. These include the areas of: Gerotarget and Aging, Immunology and Microbiology/ Neuropathology and Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Metabolism, Cell and Molecular Biology, and all areas of Pharmacology. The goal of the Oncotarget Journal on is to help the world have life without disease. It is their hope that their expansion into other areas of human disease will be a certain step towards that global achievement.