The Chainsmokers Hold Down the Top Spot for Dance Music

The Chainsmokers have a very close relationship with their fans, as do most musical acts of today. Social media has made it easy for artists to communicate with their fans, resulting in a bond that isn’t possible through music alone.

Chainsmoker fans have reciprocate the sentiment by making the group a commercial success. Fans made The Chainsmokers debut album break records: The Chainsmoker’s Memories…Do Not Open became the third-longest reigning dance album on the billboard charts. As of May 2018, the album held the No. 1 spot on the dance charts for its thirty-fourth week.

Actually, the Chainsmokers’ debut album is tied with Demon Days by the Gorillaz. It is hard to say how long, when it is all said and done, that The Chainsmokers will remain on the billboard charts. In fact, the Gorillaz album has been on the charts for over 13 years. However, Demon Days hasn’t been at the No. 1 spot in a very long time.

Even before their debut album, The Chainsmokers were taking the music industry by storm. With singles like “#Selfie,” “Paris,” and “Don’t Let Me Down” they were dominating the airwaves before they even had an album released.

Over the last year, for the most part, The Chainsmokers have stayed No 1 on the dance charts, but they did fall back a position or two, making room for new dance albums upon release. Albums from Above & Beyond, William Control, Kygo, and Odesza all temporarily knocked The Chainsmokers’ debut album off the top of the charts. However, Memories…Do Not Open always bounced back.

About The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Prior to joining forces, Pall was working around New York as a DJ; Taggart was interning at Interscope Records. Through mutual friends and acquiescence the duo were introduced to each other. After his previous partner left The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall needed a new partner, and he found a perfect match with Andrew Taggart.